Shake it like a Polaroid picture

So way back in 2013, my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a fricking Polaroid camera for Christmas! Best present ever!


It’s baby blue which I love because it’s the perfect embodiment of summer and good times. They have tons of summery colours like pastel pink, yellow and white!


The actual camera is so easy to use! So many people look at me with confusion when I ask them to take a photo. You literally turn the lens to which setting the light tells you to use and then press a button and volia! A Polaroid pops out the top! So simple!


The photos that come out are gorgeous. I might be wearing some rose tinted glasses but I swear everyone looks good in them. I mean sure, people look paler in them but it gets rid of my rosy cheeks from having too much wine! I love the nostalgic vibe they give off too. Ah, the good times!


I love how instant it is! There’s no waiting around for it to develop. I now have like 100 Polaroids floating around which makes the perfect decoration for my uni room!


The two things I don’t like is A) the film is blooming expensive (it costs around £15 for 20 photos which is a lot to waste on a bad selfie) and B) as soon as you scan it to your computer, all the cute nostalgic detail is lost and it’s just some grainy photo.

What do you think? Do you prefer your iPhone instead?


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