Paris Guide: Day 3

Today we did a bit of culture by going to the Louvre because you know, gotta see the Mona Lisa if you’re in Paris!


The buildings surrounding the Louvre are beautiful! They’re full of intricate details and I loved looking at the little figures carved into the walls. And the pyramid in the centre of the courtyard! The perfect Instagram spot! Don’t forget all the fountains surrounding it either. I’d definitely bring a little picnic and have a seat there whilst people watching.


We got free tickets to the Louvre because we’re 18 to 25 years old and still in the EU right now lol. Now I must admit, I’m not much of an art lover. I’m not one of those people who can just stand staring at a piece of art for ages pondering the meaning. I appreciate good art but I don’t like spending hours looking at the same piece. I want to see as much as possible!


The Louvre definitely has some famous pieces, the most famous being the Mona Lisa. However, the crowd around that painting is ridiculous! You can barely get close enough to get a good photo so I got a snap chat naturally. The rest of the famous pieces are a lot easier to get to though and you can spend ages looking at them.


After, we walked all the way to Notre Dame. We passed the famous love bridge. They’d already put up the new and improved Anti-lock mechanisms but that didn’t stop people attaching padlocks. Even cuter, they’d taken the previous padlocks and put them up nearby as a sort of art installation! I hear now though, they’re being auctioned off for charity.

Notre Dame was gorgeous but oh so busy! We went late afternoon/early evening and it was still heaving with people. It’s another perfect Instagram spot though! We were too lazy and cheap to queue and pay to see the inside so we just sat outside with ice cream.


We ended the day by finally having creme brulee at a little pizzeria near our Airbnb. So that was day three! What would you have done in Paris?


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