Mmm… Chocolate Bar

Way back on my 20th Birthday (I’m so old now), I treated myself to my first proper eyeshadow palette because I found a Sephora – why are they not in the UK?


I’d heard great things about Too Faced’s eyeshadows and I mean they smell of chocolate! How could you not want one?


I did spend ages debating between the original, semi sweet, and bon bon. I eventually chose the original because I liked the cool toned nudes more. Also, there’s actually less product in the bon bon palette because all the shadows are heart shaped! So you know, gotta get my money’s worth.


As you can see, I definitely have some favourite shades and some that I haven’t even touched oops! I tend to use the browns and nude shades more than purples and berry shades. I just like nude tones more!

The two base shades, White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle, are gorgeous. Even NikkieTutorials loves Champagne Truffle; it’s in her the power of makeup palette as a highlighter!

I love using salted caramel in the crease and marzipan on the lid with a little bit of milk chocolate on the outer edge.  Those colours just go together so well for a day look! And you can tell cause I’ve already hit the pan on Marzipan!

Creme Brulee is another favourite; it’s a gorgeous gold glitter shade which is perfect for a bit of oomph on a night out. I love pairing it with semi-sweet and false lashes. It’s actually the first shade I wore from this palette!


Strawberry bon bon is one of my least favourite shades. It’s too light to see very well and just doesn’t fit with the rest of the palette.


Writing this review, I’ve fallen back in love with this palette after being distracted with the sweet peach one! I think a challenge for myself over autumn/winter would definitely be to use the berry shades more. After swatching them, I’ve realised how gorgeous they are. I’m missing out!

And that’s how my love affair with eye shadow palettes and Too Faced started.



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