Paris Guide: Day 2

Going to Paris, there’s definitely one place you have to visit; DISNEYLAND.


Now we bought our tickets the day before online to save a bit of money. It cost us £36 each for both parks for one day. It might have been a bit cheaper because it was technically September! But there was a heatwave so I was happy!

Disneyland is a bit far to get to but completely worth it. It’s about 40 minutes on the RER A train from Paris to Marne-la-Vallee / Chessy.

When you get there, there are actually two parks! Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios. I’d recommend getting a ticket for both as they both have attractions you’d want to see! I will admit though, it is hard to get through everything in one day!


Disneyland is split into 5 areas; Main Street, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland and Frontierland. Main street is the first thing you see when you walk in and is just full of shops and little restaurants.


Discoveryland is to the right and has my favourite ride ever! I love Space Mountain! It’s a giant roller coaster built into a big dome and is full of colourful lights and upside down twists. I think now it’s got a Starwars theme but it’s still a good one for those thrill seekers.


Next up, Fantasyland! This is a must see because it’s where Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is! A perfect Instagram spot. Fantasyland is definitely catered towards little ones as there’s not many exciting rides. But of course, you have to go on ‘It’s a small world’ and sing along!


Adventureland is a bit boring tbh. I think they’re doing it up so there wasn’t a lot to do there. Although if you like rollercoasters, you have to go on Indiana Jones! It’s one of the only big roller coasters Disney has, and this time it’s outdoors! There are a few loop de loops though.


Finally, Frontierland! Again, I think this was being done up when we visited so we didn’t get a chance to ride Big Thunder Mountain which is the last of the big roller coasters for thrill seekers. Phantom Manor is a great attraction too! You ride around in little booths learning all about the mystery that is Phantom Manor.


One thing you cannot miss is the Parade! It happens every day at 5.30pm in Disneyland Paris. People can spend an hour waiting just to have a good spot so make sure you’re prepared. It’s full of dancing and singing and every Disney character has their own float. It’s magical! However, if you don’t care too much, now is a perfect time to go on all the rides with no queues or go home on an empty train!


Walt Disney Studios is good if you have some time! They have one of my favourite rides, the Hollywood tower! It’s basically a drop ride so you get to see the whole park! I also really love the Toy Story themed area. It has a little parachute soldier ride which is again, a drop ride.

So there you have it! My guide to Disneyland Paris! What’s your favourite ride?


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