What to Read: July

So July is over and what a month it was! My blog was in full swing despite me being at work constantly for three weeks. The beauty of scheduling! Anyway enough about myself, and more about other bloggers.

I thought I’d do a monthly round up of my favourite posts I’ve read this month because quite frankly, you should read them too and it’s a cute little way to promote other bloggers. Let me know if you like this!

First up is Hannah Gale’s pregnancy diary! Being 21, still at uni, with a boyfriend not quite sure what he wants to do, pregnancy is a long way off for me. But I loved how honest Hannah was about feeling alone, first-trimester nausea, and pretending you can still have alcohol! If you love a bit of humour, I’d definitely recommend her blog.

Next is Rhianna Oliva and her post on sponsored content. I really love all her posts to do with the financial and technical aspects of blogging and found this one eye-opening! I mean, I’m a long way from having people interested in my posts let alone charging people for them but it was a fascinating read!

Kirsty Isabella’s ‘Why I’m not vegan anymore‘ was so interesting. I related so much to the things she said. I’ve always wanted to take the next step from being vegetarian, and become vegan but I’m just so worried I won’t have the time to eat properly and end up living off toast.

I’m a nosy person so when Sophie Milner opened up about the draft texts she almost sent to lovers, I was hooked. I loved reading about her past relationships and all the things she almost texted but didn’t.

Finally, I loved Em Sheldon’s road trip post. I’ve always dreamed about travelling America in a little beat up jeep and Em’s post definitely brought home the realities of it. I gotta start saving asap if I want to make it happen. I loved how informative it was though!

Did you enjoy this little round up of posts you should read? Should I make this a monthly feature? Also are there any posts I’ve missed out?


One thought on “What to Read: July

  1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed my post! You should definitely make this a monthly thing, sometimes when I want to find new blogs I have no idea where to start so having reccomendations is great! ☺️ X


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