Paris Guide: Day 1

Everyone seems to be going on holiday atm! I have yet to book mine because I’m working all summer but I thought I’d reminisce about our trip to Paris last summer.img_0423.jpgIt was a pretty big deal for the boy and I because it was our first holiday we’d planned and paid for entirely by ourselves. I always get so nervous about holidays or well the travelling part. It’s so easy to get lost and not be able to understand anything. But Paris was perfect because I’ve been before and I slightly understand French.IMG_0434We stayed in a cosy Airbnb near Gare du Nord because it was easy to get to from the airport! It was one of the only studios I found that had an actual bed instead of a sofa bed. It even had a curtain around the bed to seal it off from the lounge!IMG_0454Our first day was spent seeing or should I say trekking to the sights. It was an hour walk from our apartment to the Arch de Triomphe but it was 27 degrees and sunny! The Arch de Triomphe is beautiful but right by a busy roundabout so it’s hard to get a good photo! IMG_0481We managed to get in for free; I think because we were both students or under 25? It’s a ridiculously long climb to the top but there’s a nice gift shop and a little exhibition inside. The view from the top was breathtaking! You could see all of Paris and the Eiffel Tower! The only problem is there’s absolutely no shade at the top. So definitely bring a hat and some sunglasses if you’re in 30-degree heat like I was.IMG_0483Next, we walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower. It’s such a beautiful piece of architecture and surrounded by gorgeous gardens. We bought a meal deal from Monoprix and ate it in the gardens. They’re perfect for a picnic! IMG_0486You can either get the stairs to the second floor or the lift all the way to the top. I’d definitely recommend the lift! The queue is ridiculous but the view is so worth it at the top! It’s gorgeous!IMG_0508That’s all for day one! Have you been to Paris? What would you recommend?



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