Netflix Picks

I’ve finished work for two weeks and oh my goodness so many new series have come out on Netflix! Boy do I have lot of catching up to do!


Grace & Frankie

I never thought this would be my thing tbh. It started off on a hungover Saturday after a peach schnapps filled birthday. I just wanted something simple that I didn’t have to pay attention to.

The beginning is a bit ridiculous. Grace and Frankie’s husbands have been having an affair for 20 years and decide to make it official now they’re 70-odd. So naturally, Grace and Frankie move in together and a weird but beautiful friendship blossoms. For a show based around 70-year-olds, this is actually very funny and interesting!


Designated survivor

I love this show! It’s the perfect mystery thriller with lots of twists. It had me hooked for weeks and I can’t wait for the next season.

It’s set after a bombing destroys the US government leaving one person to become the president. As the series goes on, more is revealed as to why someone would destroy the whole government. There’s also lots of conspiracy theories and of course, politics involved.


Jane the Virgin

The third season is finally out on Netflix! At first, I thought this show was stupid and boring but now I’m hooked. It started off as a ridiculous love triangle involving artificial insemination but now it’s developed into deeper and more serious storylines. However, it still keeps the comedy aspect. And I love the sassy narrator!



I have only just realised that I’m two seasons behind on this! I have so much catching up to do. At first, I thought this was just some law show with two cocky dudes because Mike just turns up at a law firm and gets a job despite never going to law school. But it’s so much more than it with the witty dialogue and the paranoia that Mike might be found out. And that theme song omg!

That’s my round up for this month. What’s on your Netflix list? Give me recommendations for these next two weeks before I start work again.



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