13 Things You Learn When You Move To London

Having moved to London way back in 2014 for university, it’s safe to say I’ve learnt quite a bit about the city.

1. Nope, Zone 6 is not part of London (even if there’s a tube stop, talking about you Metropolitan line)

I learnt this the hard way. No-one will want to come visit you and you won’t want to make the hour trip into London.

Don’t you love it when people rest their arse where you put your hand

2. Travelling during rush hour is soul-destroying

There are no other words to describe the pain on everyone’s face when you hear ‘this train is being held at a red signal’.

3. Don’t walk slowly or stop in the middle of the street

Nothing Londoners hate more than slow walkers, except maybe being called Londoners.

4. An oyster card is brilliant

There’s no making sure you have the right amount of change or talking to rude bus drivers.

The lights on Oxford Street can be pretty if you go at 4 am

5. Only enter Primark Oxford Street if you have a death wish

There is nothing worse than visiting the biggest Primark in Europe on a Saturday even if you need a new top.

6. Smiling at strangers is seen as weird not polite

Don’t even think about talking to them

Never has a pub sign been truer

7. You can always find somewhere to drink alcohol

It is always acceptable to drink in London… 5pm Happy Hour yes… 12pm Brunch yes… 4am only place open yes…

8. The cost of a pint will make you cry

You will never get over the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to get drunk

9. The tube is silent despite crammed to the rim

No-one will utter a word on the tube expect maybe a sigh of despair when your train stops for the third time in a row because it’s waiting for an available platform at the station ahead.

The Lego shop was not worth the 30 minute queue

10. You will never wake up early enough to do all the tourist things

You’d rather lie in bed with Netflix than get dressed and fight the crowds queuing to see the museum or get the next food craze

11. The rent is ridiculous

Sure you’re paying £1000pm for a shoebox but at least you’re in London

12. Cockfosters is always funny

No matter how many times you hear it, you will giggle

img_1778.jpg13. Every time you catch a glimpse of the London Eye, or Big Ben, or another tourist trap you will smile because hey, at least you get to live in a beautiful city

What did you learn when you moved to London?


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