I’ve lost my blogging mojo

So as you may have noticed, I haven't blogged for 11 days wow. I've been even less active on Instagram, and I'm pretty sure I've never even posted to my Facebook oops. I've been super busy with a broken laptop, an impromptu holiday to Amsterdam (post soon), and just hanging out with my friends and family… Continue reading I’ve lost my blogging mojo


What to read: August

Please bear with me and the blog because a) my laptop screen smashed on the way home from London and b) I've booked a holiday to Amsterdam next week!! So I probably won't be as active for the next few weeks... Anyway, the end of August has finally come and oh my, did it go… Continue reading What to read: August


10 Things Every Psychology Student Hears (And Is Sick Of Hearing)

Way back in 2012, I first started learning about psychology. Cut to 2014, I went off to university to study it. And now, I'm in my final year. It's safe to say I've heard all of these A LOT over the years. 1. Can you read my mind? Erm no, psychology doesn't work like that.… Continue reading 10 Things Every Psychology Student Hears (And Is Sick Of Hearing)